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His spirit inspired the creation of this web site and our motto; “Our pets give us unconditional love, make us laugh and comfort us.”

Martin is the king of his domain! I joke when people come over that he owns the house and he lets me stay here for free as along as I pay the bills, clean the house, feed him, brush him, play with him and give him his daily massages.

What a life! As a treat for myself I bought a massage chair but again as along as it is in the house it is his. Yup, when I use it he is there on my lap. He thinks it’s an amusement park ride.

Celebrating Our Pets - Pet Stories - Martin the Maine coon cat

I got Martin when he was 8 weeks old and he is a Maine Coon cat. I am amazed that this boy can jump over 5 feet in the air and he loves to play with his soccer ball and the plastic ring from a plastic milk bottle.

I am celebrating Martin life and spirit because he has always crack me up with laughter, been by my side in great and not so great times. When I was sick with the flu or a bad cold he is there and he just wants to comfort me. We all have our bad days but it never appeared to be so bad when Martin is around. Sometimes I just look at him while he is sleeping and a very peaceful feeling comes over me and warms my heart and that really makes my day and night.

Ruth Carmichael

Celebrating Our Pets - Pet Stories - Celebrating Martin

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