Celebrate Pets - Pet Stories - Cat - Zuse

One day we had a little flood in our condo and had to call the fire department. When the firemen first arrived they left the door open and at the time I didn't realize the door was left open. After the firemen left Zeus our indoor cat (who only went outside on our balcony) was no where to be found. We looked everywhere, and no Zeus.

Where on earth could he be? It was then I started to create posters (lost cat with his picture) and walked around the neighborhood putting up posters. My friend and I searched all over for him and asked people if they saw him. Still no sign of Zeus.

Well, long store short, just before the firemen arrived, Zeus decided to do something new and crawl into our couch and take a very long nap. Just before it was time for dinner I could hear him meowing. I followed the sound to the living room where he came out of the couch, I couldn't believe my eyes he never did that before and never did it again.

Celebrate Pets - Pet Stories - Cats - Zuse & Xola

Zeus with his sister Xola

Kitty Sitter

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