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Hi, my name is Nikki, the black nose calico, also known as “smudge nose”. Some think I put my nose in an ink well. My mom changed the words of “Rudolph the red nose reindeer” and sings “Nikki, the black nose calico, had a very furry nose,… and if you ever saw it,…. you would even say she knows’… She’s a good mom but I hate when she sings…

Celebrating Nikki, the black nose calico cat

I love to drink from the faucet, so to keep me off the bathroom sink, my mom’s bought me my own drinking fountain. Oh, and I kind of have a bad habit. I like to lick my belly. I lick, lick, and lick, until all you can see is my saggy pink belly. I've heard I look like a cow, good thing I'm not just black and white.  They tried to put me on medication for this behavior, but I'm way too smart for that. So they just gave up. And I don’t need any expensive cat toys either, I just like sitting in a card board box or playing with the plastic ring from a milk bottle. So, when my mom goes to sleep, right, I jump up on the bed and sleep right next to her head on the pillow….and when she wakes up, her hair looks really funny sometimes. I also have a sister named Ashley; she’s a pain in my tail. Since I'm the one with cat-a-tude, I chase her around the house; I think she’s a scaredy cat. Anyway, that’s just a piece of my story, I'll let my sister have a few meow’s..

I think she's a scaredy cat.

By D. P.

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