My name is Ashley and I'm all grey cat - Celebrating Our Pets!

Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm all grey. But my soul is not grey at all. It’s full of rainbow colors. Everyone that meets me wants to take me home because I'm so friendly, funny and I love to play. I love when they have a party cause there’s lots of people around that just gawk at me and tell me how cute I am. They even pick me up and dance around the floor with me. I sure do love a good party. My moms think I'm nosey and say I get into everything, but I'm just a very curious cat. They have all these cabinets in the kitchen and I want to know what’s in there. I mean what else do I have to do right? So I just take my little paw and open the door and walk right in to explore. I try not to break anything, but I have to admit to a few accidents which my moms weren't too happy about. I also like to explore their closets; one in particular even has some shelves I can jump up on. I love to jump up on things…they keep getting me down, but I just keep on jumping, jumping and jumping. You’d think they’d give up by know. But my favorite thing to do is cuddle up on my mommies' lap and watch TV. They have this rule in the house that if there’s a cat on you, you can’t disturb the cat so my other mom will bring in the munchies or drinks. If I had a treat every time they told me how cute I was, I’d be a fat cat. Nikki and I are very lucky cats. They’re the best moms in the whole world and I think we make the purr-fect family.

By D. P.

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