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I don’t know of any other cat that loves to watch Sesame Street and has a thing for the cookies monster.

Celebrate Pets - Pet Stories - Cat Maine Coon - Cat watching TV

He will also come running up to the TV if he hears a baby crying or little kids playing. He can’t stand TV commercials! Anytime a commercial comes on he will turn his head to the side and not watch the commercial. When all the commercials are over and the show is back on the air it’s then he will start watching the show again. It was then I found out that when a commercial is on the volume goes up a bit and this is his signal to turn away and when the volume goes down then the commercial is over. Smart cat, I started to do the same thing.

Celebrate Pets - Pet Stories - Cat Maine Coon - Kitty Poo watching TV

On day a nature show was on about the king of the jungle the lion. I was cleaning the house and though he would love to watch it. As I was cleaning I would listen to the show and peak at the TV. The show was about lions hunting in the wild. Later, after the show was over he fell asleep and it was my turn to watch my show. I sat down next to him on the couch. Then all of a sudden without warning his feet started to move, he was still asleep and running in his sleep. Then he woke up hissing. He finally looked at me and then realized it was all a dream. After that no more nature shows just Sesame Street and kid shows.


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