Celebrating Our Pets - Cat story - Phoebe

Kemosabe is the word used on the old TV show, The Lone Ranger -- it means "blood brother'" because it refers to the American Indian companion, Tonto and his pal, the Lone Ranger --they became blood brothers when each one saved the other's life.

It all started just after my divorce. I moved into an apartment by myself for the first time ever, but I was enjoying my new found freedom. The people in the house next door had many cats that were always coming and going in and out. I noticed one of them was a pretty long-haired gray with a tabby face. One day when the neighbor was outside I remarked that I liked the gray cat and asked if it was hers. She said, yes, that was one of her cats.....Several months later, the folks next door moved away. In the next few days I noticed that the gray cat was still hanging around and was sitting on the roof of the garage when I got home from work each day, meowing....I started to feed her, of course. After a while she would wait for my car to come home each night to be fed and one day she followed me into my apartment. She explored each room, and then looked a me and said "meow" -- as if to say "OK, I'll take it if it's available". Then she left. I kept feeding her outside as the next few weeks went by, but it started to get colder at night, so of course, she came to live with me before very long.

One night, a few months later, with Phoebe on my lap as we both watched TV, I started to feel sleepy and dozed off....I was awakened by the sound of Phoebe gagging like she was about to throw up...I immediately picked her up and went out the front door with her to protect the carpet, and as I got outside she seemed to be fine in the fresh air. We went back in and I suddenly noticed the smell -- the house was filled with gas! The flame had gone out on the stove and the house was filling up with gas.... Phoebe woke me up just in time.... or I probably would have died!

So, we have both saved each others lives --- we are Kemosabes.

San Diego, California

My cat and me - So, we have both saved each others lives

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