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Just about 2 years ago, Wilma entered my world. I knew she was homeless, needed food, and also needed to be fixed. I called The Merrimac Feline and Rescue for help. They came to my house with a trap, and we caught Wilma. She was taken in and they neutered her, but because they were so over run with cats, they asked if they could release her back to my yard. So back she came. In the picture above, you can see that her right ear is clipped, meaning that she is fixed, that's how they mark them..

I fed her in the yard, and slowly worked her up onto the front porch. Which is now "Wilma's World". After a year of working with her, I am now able to pat her and pick her up...what, dont I have a face that looks like you can trust? she was hard to break.

Celebrating Our Pets - Pet Stories - Wilma the cat playing

She eats, sleeps and plays on the front porch. Now every morning, I open the door, and she looks in from her world, and I look out from mine...
We now know we are friends..
OMG...I'm gonna cry

D. Petti

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