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In Tuna own words…

I was abandoned at a very young age, being homeless, I found myself just wandering the streets looking for food and shelter. I couldn't trust anyone or any animal who cross my path; it was a dreadfully lonely life.

One day I was starving looking for food, this lady named Cheryl started to come my way. My first instinct was to run but for some reason, I can't explain it but for the first time I felt safe. Thus was the beginning of a new life with Cheryl and Jim her husband.

At that time none of us realized that I was going to have kittens soon. It didn't take long for Cheryl and Jim to realize that I was going to have a litter. Cheryl started to read books on the subject of home birth and was prepared for anything. Unfortunately she had to go away for the weekend and it just happen that the kittens were ready to be born. Sweet lovable Jim had to take over; he called Cheryl to help guide him through the birthing process and with their love and support all my kittens arrived safely.

Now, let me tell you that I never want to have kittens ever again and with their help I never did. All the kittens found wonderful homes but for some reason they kept Chuck E. I just love bossing him around. I might be half his size but I am the boss of the house and he knows it big time. Our house is full with Bailey a rescued greyhound who is the biggest cat I ever seen and Pete who I call “Pete the Pirate” because he loves to stick his rear end out of the liter box when he does a poop just like if he was on a ship it goes overboard!

Cheryl and Jim
New Hampshire

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