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Once upon a time in the kingdom of Williams Ranch, lived a spoiled little boy named Sir Shagalot. Sir Shagalot spent most of his mornings lying around on a plush pillow, in a sunny window, allowing every peasant that passed by to view his good fortune...

One Day, Sir Shagalot was awoken by a scratch at the window...

Pet Stories - Cat Sir Shagalot - Celebrating Our Pets

Sir Shagalot arose to investigate the noise. There he saw a pirate name Captain Jack O' Lantern (AKA Pumpkin) looking in at him. Now Captain Jack was a clever old cat. He explained to Sir Shagalot that if Sir Shagalot allowed him to come in from the outside, to escape the bitter cold, then in return he would share his mice with him...

Pet Stories - Cat Sir Shagalot and Captain Jack O' lantern - Celebrating Our Pets

Pet Stories - Cat Sir Shagalot and Captain Jack O' lantern  Close up - Celebrating Our Pets

Sir Shagalot, being a bit greedy and gullible, allowed Captain Jack to enter his warm and cozy kingdom. Captain Jack quickly made himself comfortable on Sir Shagalot's plush pillow...

Pet Stories - Cat Captain Jack - Celebrating Our Pets

Sir Shagalot asked Captain Jack, "Where are the mice you promised to share with me?". "Why, Sir Shagalot, here they are". Captain Jack places two mice on the plush pillow...

Pet Stories - Cat Toys - Celebrating Our Pets

Now Sir Shagalot was very disappointed with these mice. Who ever heard of eating a blue and white striped mouse or a sparkly pink mouse???

Sir Shagalot planned his revenge. I'll just have to eat Captain Jack instead since he has produced fake mice for me to eat...

Pet Stories - Cat Sir Shagalot planned his revenge - Celebrating Our Pets

After Sir Shagalot finished eating Captain Jack, his stomach began to hurt him. He felt as if he had to vomit. Eating such a tricky pirate is certainly going to leave a boy with an upset belly. Sir Shagalot began to vomit. He couldn't stop. He must have vomited for 30 minutes straight...

Pet Stories - Cat Sir Shagalot oops - Celebrating Our Pets

Meanwhile, the fair maiden Carly was watching the drama unfold. She was trying to hide, so not to be seen as she secretly had a crush on Sir Shagalot...

Pet Stories - Cat fair maiden Carly - Celebrating Our Pets

Carly sent a message to the other fair maidens of the kingdom. She needed their help to restore peace at the Williams Ranch...

Ashley was preparing herself a bubble bath...

Pet Stories - Cat Ashley - Celebrating Our Pets

Autumn was just getting out of bed...

Pet Stories - Cat Autumn - Celebrating Our Pets

Ashley rushed to alert Gracie...

Pet Stories - Cats Ashley rushed to Gracie - Celebrating Our Pets

Then, the fair maidens of the kingdom, came up with a magical spell. The spell would bring Captain Jack back to life and Sir Shagalot would fall in love with Carly...

Pet Stories - Cats fair maidens of the kingdom - Celebrating Our Pets

The maidens summoned's help from the jokers of the kingdom, Twiddle DD and Twiddle Dottie. The jokers would sprinkle magic joker dust (AKA cat nip) on the pile of vomit and on Sir Shagalot.

Pet Stories - Dog Twiddle D. D. - Celebrating Our Pets

Twiddle DD

Pet Stories - Dog Twiddle Dottie - Celebrating Our Pets

Twiddle Dottie

The jokers did a fine job! As quick as the dust was sprinkled on the pile of vomit, Captain Jack was restored! But more amazing is that he now had two eyes. What a lucky day for that old cat.

Maybe it was his plan all along?

Pet Stories - Cat Captain Jack was restored - Celebrating Our Pets

And Sir Shagalot and the fair maiden Carly fell in love and moved to a penthouse in the kingdom...

Pet Stories - Cats Sir Shagalot and the fair maiden Carly - Celebrating Our Pets

About 63 days later they had a baby that they named Nikki...

Maybe that was Sir Shagalot's plan all along too?

Pet Stories - baby kitten - Celebrating Our Pets

Peace was finally restored in the kingdom, which made Queen Micha very happy. She smiled every day.....

Pet Stories - Dog Queen Micha - Celebrating Our Pets

Profiles of the pets in this story...

Sir Shagalot and Baby Nikki: Shaggy and Nikki were found in the trash at a convenience store. They both had very bad cases of pneumonia and intestinal parasites. They were only about 8 weeks old and weighed about a pound each. It took several months to nurse Shaggy back to health. Poor little Nikki was too weak and too sick. Nikki went to kitty heaven and has his own kingdom now.

Captain Jack, Ashley and Autumn: Pumpkin, Ashley and Autumn were born outside to a feral mother. A very kind and compassionate lady, Mary English, fed these cats everyday and was able to gain their trust. After many months, she was able to catch them and place them in my home. Pumpkin lost his eye due to a raccoon attack.

Gracie and Carly: Gracie and Carly were born the following year to the same feral mother that gave birth to Pumpkin, Ashley and Autumn. Again, Mary fed these cats every day, gaining their trust and catching them. They too came to live with my family and their older siblings. We have not been able to catch the mother yet.

Queen Micha: Micha was given to us by a family friend. She is my husbands best friend.

Twiddle DD: DD is a dog I bought from a backyard breeder. I bought this puppy because I was certain she would die, that day, if I left her where she was. We took her to the Vet were she was treated for bloat.

Twiddle Dottie: I bought Dottie from a breeder. For some reason, I thought that if I paid a lot of money for a dog that it would be healthy and make a better pet. When I got Dottie, she had a bad case of Giardia. She is all better now and is a very sweet dog.

It made no difference if I bought an expensive dog or provided a home to feral cats, in the end they all made wonderful pets. I strongly recommend adopting an unwanted and unloved pet. All my pets have been spayed or neutered.

Please support your local SPCA, and/or other animal rescue organizations, and/or animals in foster care.
Remember to be kind and help humans too!
Become a volunteer and make a difference in your life and others.

If you love this story you will love the book.
The book has more pictures and the story is updated
This is a new collection of children's stories that revolve around the antics of real animals that live at Williams Ranch.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the SPCA.
Your kids will want to read it over and over again.
Great gift for children and people of all ages who love pets.
The first story is out now.
Two more stories due out later this year 2010.

Cat and Dog Pet Stories Book: "The fairy tale of Williams Ranch"

The Fairy Tale of Williams Ranch
By Lisa Williams
Publication Date February 3, 2010

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The Fairy Tale of Williams Ranch by Lisa Williams in Children

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