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I was born in Orange, Virginia about three years ago.

When I was a baby, our family lived outside in the woods. I had one brother and 3 sisters. My Mother moved us around often. We stayed under a shed for awhile then back to the woods. My Mother protected us from all kinds of scary things…other cats, dogs, raccoons, bobcats, foxes and anything else that might want to eat us. When we got a little older, our Mother gradually stopped feeding us. She would leave us alone for long periods of time. We ate lots of bugs, and every once in awhile we would catch a mouse. We were hungry!

One day we followed her. She took us to a place, at the edge of the woods, and then stopped and waited. I saw a human coming towards us so I ran. I was surprised that my Mother didn't run. Was she going to fight off this human? As the human approached, I could see that this person was a lady, and she was carrying something in her hands. My Mother seemed pleased. However, I was afraid, so I hid.

The lady was talking sweetly to us. My Mother started to purr. What was going on? Do humans eat cats? As she came closer, my Mother rubbed her body against this lady’s legs. WOW! I had never seen her do that. It was some sort of sign, but what did it mean? The lady put down a plate. My Mother started to eat from it. Hey, I wanted some of that! The lady backed away and encouraged us to come closer. She seemed far enough away and my brave calico sister was the first to investigate. She began to eat too. I was going in. It was the best food I ever ate. We didn't even have to fight for it. There was plenty!

I soon learned that this lady would come twice a day and leave food for us. We always got there before she did. We didn't want to miss a free meal. This lady fed us for several months. I started too really like her.

One day the lady put a cage down instead of our food. Something inside that cage smelled really good. Naturally, my calico sister was the first to look inside the cage. She couldn't resist that delicious smell so she entered. As my sister began to eat, the cage door slammed shut behind her! I was so scared! I ran and hid as fast as I could.

The lady came and took my sister away which made me very sad. I loved her and played with her all the time. I never wanted to go to that spot again! I stayed away for a few days and ate lots of bugs, but I was still hungry! I suddenly realized that I needed that lady. I had come to depend on her. I spied on the spot for awhile. It seemed safe and the cage was nowhere around. I started to return twice a day for my food.

The lady told me that she had missed me and was worried about me. Do I believe her? After a few weeks, the pain of losing my sister became easier. My brother and I were closer than ever. My Mother never stayed with us anymore, and my other sister started to disappear for days at a time. My brother and I continued to meet the lady and eat well. We were getting so big.

One day I went to the food spot and that cage was there again. I stayed far away from it. I could smell the yummy food in it but I wasn't going near that thing. The next day the cage was still there. It didn't seem to harm anyone. The smell coming from it was incredible! I put my paw in through the side of the cage but couldn't reach the food. I went around to the opening. It seemed safe and no one was watching, so I ventured inside.

I started to eat. It was so good. I heard a loud noise and felt a vibration. Oh no, the door slammed shut behind me. I was trapped! I want out! I tried so hard to scratch my way out but that wasn't possible. I began to cry.

I could see that my brother was scared and hiding. I think he was trying to figure out a way to rescue me. The lady returned. I hoped she wasn't fattening me up to eat me. I hissed and growled at her. She told me everything would be OK. Easy for her to say!

She picked up the cage, with me in it, and put me in a car with a DIFFERENT lady. Oh no, I didn't know this person and I had never been in a car before. I cried some more. The car started to move. I was frightened. The car was going further and further away from the only home I had ever known. It was taking me away from my brother. What would he do? He would be all alone.

We drove for almost an hour. I stopped crying and tried to be very quiet. I thought that she might forget I was in the car if I didn't draw any attention to myself. The car stopped and I heard dogs barking. Lots of them. She had brought me home to feed me to the dogs. The noise was so intense. I peed all over myself.

The new lady kept telling me everything would be OK. Should I believe her? She brought me into a house. The sign on the door said “Williams Ranch” I want out! The lady placed the cage on the floor of a private room, away from the loud dogs. She opened the door and called out, “here kitty, kitty, kitty” That is what the other lady use to say when she brought us food. I wish she was here to help me.

I continued to hide in the corner of the cage. I wasn't falling for it. I'm safer right inside this cage.
I saw something familiar. It was another cat. I hope it won’t beat me up. The cat came to the cage to see me. The cat was watching me. I was afraid to look it in the eyes. I very slowly, so not to be noticed, turned my head towards the other cat. This was not just another cat. This was my SISTER! She was not dead.

This cage brought me to my sister. I was so happy to see her! She was walking around in the open, inside of the house, like everything was normal. How strange! After a few hours, I followed my sister out of the cage and went right under the bed. The new lady brought me some food. She let me eat it under the bed. I ate a little, my sister ate a lot. My sister looked so happy. How could she be this happy away from her family and home in Orange?

We cuddled the whole night. Together, we got me cleaned up. Not only had I peed on myself but I was still covered in the food from the cage. I wondered about my brother. Who was he going to cuddle with tonight? He must be cold.

That night, I saw the moonlight coming in through the window. I climbed the curtains and tried to escape through the glass. No good. No way out. My sister showed me where to use the bathroom. Nice and clean box. Hummm, who knew?

My sister also showed me that this new lady wasn't going to eat me or feed me to the dogs. As a matter of fact, some of the dogs were starting to become my friends. One named Dottie even gave me a little kiss.

This lady fed us and gave us medicine to make us feel better. She even cleaned up our bathroom messes. My sister really had her trained well. This lady would pet my sister and it always made her purr. I wanted to know what felt so good. So I let her touch me too. Petting feels good. I like my ears scratched. I had been so afraid of something that was nice. I use to run from her and now I run to her. I wish I could let my brother know we were OK. The lady bought us tons of toys and a 7 foot tall cat house to climb and play on. This was the life.

One day the lady came home carrying that cage again. Something inside of it was really crying. It scared me. My sister and I went to investigate. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was our BROTHER! This was a magic cage! We were together again!

I told my brother not to be afraid. The barking noise that once scared me, is now a comfort. The dogs not only protect the ranch, they watch over us cats too. This time it was my turn to show our brother what a wonderful place Williams Ranch is!

Pet Stories - Cats and Dogs story - Pumpkin the cat with Dottie the puppy dog - Celebrating Our Pets

Pumpkin (Ashley brother)
with Dottie the puppy dog

Pet Stories - Cats and Dogs story - Cats: Ashley and Pumpkin together again - Celebrating Our Pets

Cats: Ashley and Pumpkin together again!

Pet Stories - Cats and Dogs story - Ashley the cat is not afraid of dogs anymore! - Celebrating Our Pets

Ashley is not afraid of dogs anymore!

This story is dedicated to Mary English. (The first lady)
If she did not have a tremendous love of animals, there would be no story.

Lisa Williams
Fredericksburg, VA

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