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Dear Max,

I just wanted to write down some things I probably never said to you directly, (in case you hadn’t picked up on them). I know you always have an ear turned to my conversations with humans and tune in whenever your favorite topics are discussed: walks, the park, the beach, playing ball. (And I think you actually knew when we were going to events like obedience training or agility trials. Probably more for the social interaction than for a pure love of the curriculum). What I’m pretty sure I never said to you is that you have taught me lessons that I never learned from my human family. Like how to be happy for no reason, unbridled enthusiasm for life and unconditional love.

I remember when you first came to live with us and we took a walk. You picked up a stick, pranced down the street like you owned the world and rolled around on the lawn in ecstasy. A lady passing by stopped to remark on what a happy dog you were. It’s hard for me to remain glum just being around energy like that. Your love for Kong toys boarders on obsession and I think retrieving them tirelessly on our morning and evening walks may indicate an addiction to endorphins. (Who cares? It’s a legal substance.)

And your biggest gift to me was in those last couple of days we had together, when you were too weak to do much else, you sat with you chin on my knee and gave me your totally unconditional love. I was able to return that, probably for the first time in my life, having no strings attached.

Max, my handsome little poodle, thank you for teaching me these lessons and for bringing so much happiness into my life.

Pat R.
San Diego, California

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