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My Two Dogs and Their Eating Habits

I have had my Black Lab-Mix, "Bonnie" for five years now, adopting her right after my mother passed away. Nearly three years ago, "Connie", my little Hound/Birddog came into our lives when we least expected it - I rescued her from getting run over.

"Bonnie", having been with me the longest, has shown her authority and bossiness over "Connie", who she is much bigger than but loves her very much, and vice versa. At feed time, I have to put "Connie" in the kennel at my house to keep "Bonnie" from bossing her - so they can both enjoy whatever I feed them.
Listen to this - both "Bonnie" and "Connie" love to eat: apples, bananas, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, honey dews, figs, and oranges! They particularly just love bananas.
I'll come home from work one night with a banana, and start singing, "But yes, we have a banana", (to the tune of the "No Bananas Song".) Both dogs will be eager for their treat. "Connie" runs in the kennel for her part of the banana, I hold the door to with my leg, peal the banana, and break off pieces of it. I give "Bonnie" her piece on the outside of the kennel, and "Connie" her piece through the kennel's bars, taking turns with each dog with a piece. One gobbles it down as fast as the other!

"Bonnie" and "Connie" bring a lot of joy into my life and I love them both very much.

David Wilson
Grantville, Ga.

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