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When a friend of mine, Shan, told me her pet rabbit had just had babies, I was just as excited as she was. I'd just started keeping pet rabbits and Shan was who i would call for advice. After a few days had passed, Shan told me that there was something wrong with one of the baby rabbits- it only had one ear. Luckily the mother rabbit didn't mind and the litter of baby rabbits grew up normally.

Meanwhile we were swapping emails and photos of our pets almost daily, and after seeing some photos of my little girl Paige lovingly brushing a rather fluffy lop ear rabbit with one of her dolls brushes, Shan asked me if i thought i could keep one more extra bunny rabbit- and offered me the baby rabbit with just one ear as a surprise gift to the kids. Of course we said yes and arranged a day to do it, and it was a lovely surprise for the kids when Shan gave them the baby rabbit on her next visit.

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We wondered what the kids would think of the one eared rabbit, but as a credit to the sweetness of their nature they instantly loved the one eared rabbit just as much as the others.

Paige, aged 6, asked if the rabbit was a boy or girl. Shan told her the bunny was a girl. Paige was more concerned with what to name the rabbit than about the missing ear, almost as if she didn't think there was anything even different about this bunny.

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She let the bunny have a hop around on the grass. 'The one ear makes her look like a unicorn, like she's a horse with a horn on her head.' I said. 'She's a Unicorn Bunny!'

The bunny didn't end up getting a normal bunny name like 'Clover' or 'Fluffy', as the kids decided they liked the title Unibun for her, so i think that's a very unique name for a unique bunny!

I think its great that kids accept that some animals may be born and look a little bit differently, and that they don't worry about outward looks.

Sarah Herbert

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