Celebrating Our Pets

Celebrate our pets in the present and the ones who left us with wonderful memories.

Celebrating Our Pets - All types of pets... Kittens

We are celebrating our pets’ spirit with stories about love, laughter, joy and courage. These are stories of pets saving human lives and improving the quality of life.

I must say personally that I never took my furry friend for granted. Just seeing his loving eyes and the sound of his purring soothed my soul, his playfulness and curiosity at times was so humorous and always enjoyable to watch. Just take a moment and reflect on your life with your pet. I imagine you have a story to tell.

Pet Stories

Pet Stories

The stories you share can warm our hearts, make us laugh, enlighten us and give us knowledge. This is a pet & human friendly web site.

There is an old song called "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)", and when you lose a pet you really realize what you had and now it’s gone but is it? The memories will always be with us and so their spirit lives on.

I lost my long time companion of over 16 years and I wanted to remember him as a young kitten and throughout his adult life. I know in my heart he always brought me joy and he never wanted to see me upset and did everything to try to make things better and for this I celebrate his gentle spirit. Thus came about this web site to celebrate our pets in the present and the ones who left us with wonderful memories.

Can you guess who this animal lover is?

Celebrating Our Pets - Animal Lover

Her name is Sarah Herbert from Australia with her loving horse companion named Spin!

Celebrating Our Pets - Sarah and her horse Spin

Celebrating Our Pets is paying a tribute to this wonderful lady... her stories that she has submitted to us has brought joy, laughter and a few touching tears, we love sharing these stories to the world.

She is a true animal lover, mother and wife who should be proud of her life.

Her children have the wonderful experience of learning that loving animal’s bring us a richer life.

Celebrating Our Pets - Learning that loving animal’s bring us a richer life

Thank you Sarah for representing the human race with love, honor and passion, you are a true hero!


Kitty Prayers

Kitty Prayers

Please open human’s hearts to donate time and money for a greater good and may all the homeless pets find a safe and loving home.

Help Pets

Adopt a pet, volunteer time and make a donation to your locale animal shelter, Pet Finder will help you find a pet and your local pet shelters.

Visit our Pet Resources page for addition pet web sites and information... click here


Health benefits of having pets in your life…

Health benefits of having pets in your life

Research shows that having a family dog or cat can reduce stress and provide excellent social support along with other health benefits, sometimes more than people. They can change our mood from negative to positive by a simply glance from those puppy dog eyes, or by a soft furry cat sitting on your lap purring.

There are many articles written how pets can control blood pressure and improve our overall health. Dogs get us out of the house, going for a walk which is an excellent way to meet friends and exercise. Some neighborhoods have social networking of dog walkers.

Pets do provide us with unconditional love, companionship and they are good listener, they won't give away any of your secrets or tell anyone you had a really bad hair day when you got up this morning.

Celebrating Our Pets - a soft chirping of a bird singing an upbeat song

No matter what type of pet you have, in more ways then you realize they do affect our lives in a positive way. Isn't it time we celebrate their spirit?

I think so!

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Celebrating our pets
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Celebrating Our Pets - All types of pets...

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