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Celebrating Our Pets - Pet Announcements: Sophie


Very feminine, brown/gray & white tabby with green eyes
Age: 2 years young
Adopted: October 31, 2009
From: Cat Adoption Service
(see Sophie Choice Award for more information)

Celebrating Our Pets
Chair Feline of the Board Ms. Sophie
The Purr-fit Choice

Celebrating Our Pets - Chair Feline of the board: Sophie

Sophie is a very charming, beautiful fluffy kitty cat. As a board member her pet project here at “Celebrating Our Pets" is to remind us that there are so many pet stories that need to be told; stories of passions, heartwarming rescues and stories that will delight our readers.

Her story; she was rescued by a volunteer at the Cat Adoption Service here in San Diego County. Of course the visit to the vet office wasn’t fun but after she got all her shots, spayed and microchipped she was ready to start a new life.

Okay she doesn’t get a pay check or her own company car but she gets free room & board, all the free massages she wants, playtime at anytime and loves to watch animals on TV. Boy, I want her job big time!

**** Sophie Choice Award

Cat Adoption Service

No-kill, non-profit cat rescue and placement team!
Please volunteer and/or donate to help their cause to rescue cats.

Cat Adoption Service does not accept relinquished pets. Their cats come directly off the street, or from city and county shelters. They will not respond to emails or telephone calls from persons wishing to relinquish their pets.

What a wonderful way to adopt a new kitty cat!

Cat Adoption Service is a very unique organization of volunteers (no paid staff) so they do it out of love and true dedication. They have no shelters instead they rely on foster homes where the rescued kitty cats stay until they are adopted.

No sales pressure, they want you to adopt the right kitty cat, their web site has pictures and descriptions.

Serving San Diego County only
Visit web site

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